March 2011


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March 2011


Advisor Corner

The Hybrid Charitable Remainder Unitrust "Foundation"

How in the world can a Charitable Remainder Unitrust operate as a hybrid Foundation - a Unitrust Foundation?  Part life income Unitrust and part grantmaking Foundation?  Why would anyone want one of these? 

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Fundraiser Corner

Are "Where Most Needed" Gifts Second Class Gifts or Among the Most Noble of All Gifts?

Do you think it's the Donors who have a problem giving to their favorite charities and letting them use their gifts where most needed?  Or as a Fundraiser, is it really your problem because you think major undesignated gifts are the enemy to solid Donor development?

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Donor Corner

Teach Your Children Well... Mentoring Means Modeling

Every day, American children are inundated with messages about must-have toys, computer games, designer-label apparel, and more.  In a "me-centered" culture, it can be quite a challenge to educate children about the needs of the less fortunate in our neighborhoods and around the world.

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