June 2011

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Spotlight: New ACGA Rates

A new schedule was approved in April by the Board of Directors of the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) for the suggested maximum Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) rates for gifts established July 1st and after.  The new rates are slightly lower for single-life annuities for ages 69 and under and slightly higher for single-life annuities ages 75+.  These changes are also consistent for two-life CGA rates. 

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Advisor Corner

Diagnosis?  Financial Concussion.  Prescription?  A Healthy Dose of Planned Giving.

Stock values fell down and they can't get up. 

With red lights flashing and sirens screaming, your clients are racing everywhere for the remedy for their "financial concussion."

Time for the specialist (you!) to step in and show your valued clients exactly why those chose you as their trusted advisor.  Prescribe a treatment plan that can help heal the aches, pain and battered portfolio. 

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Fundraiser Corner

Asking for Principal Gifts: Four Approaches

What is a principal gift?

Charities commonly define principal gifts as being $1 million or more.  Principal gifts are most often funded with appreciated assets, and donors most often make them with the assistance of savvy giving experts.

How do I ask for principal gifts?

First, you will rarely ask for a specific cash amount.  Instead, you will ask the donor to consider giving an asset that you previously discovered they own.  Asking a "Have you considered giving this asset?" question is easier than just a point-blank solicitation for cash.

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Donor Corner

Double Dog Dare: Have a Family Wealth Meeting!

Once upon a time, a friend called me to say he was planning to gather his family around the kitchen table and announce his plans to start a foundation with $5 million.  I asked him if he and his wife had previously made any significant wealth transfers to his mature, adult children, who were all doing well.  He said, "No."

"Well," I said, "let me make a prediction about how your announcement will go over and then suggest a different way to start this important conversation."

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