December 2011

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December 2011


Warm wishes to you and those you hold dear for a wonderful holiday season!

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Our valued readers of this eNewsletter consists of respected, professional experts in the area of charitable giving.  We enjoy the opportunity to provide you with thoughtful and educational articles.  We also would enjoy taking time to highlight your opinions.  Do you have an article that would benefit financial advisors, fundraisers, or donors?  Would you like to share it with others via the CTAC eNewsletter?  If so, contact Kristen Schmidt at  We would be delighted to share the spotlight and feature some of our valued readers and their thoughts in future eNewsletters!

Advisor Corner

Philanthropic Options for Promissory Notes Used in Testamentary Wealth Transfers to Family Members

When your charitably-minded client is likely to leave an estate that includes a pre-existing promissory note, it is noteworthy to consider using a private foundation, instead of a CLAT, to handle the note.

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Fundraiser Corner

Are You Asking for Asset Gifts?

As this year sunsets, some fundraisers are wondering if they will reach their goals. Why would acquiring asset gifts put you on the fast track to reaching or exceeding your annual goal? Because each asset gift on average tends to be more valuable than each cash gift. 

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Donor Corner

Planning Ideas Before Taking Your Company Public or Merging with Another Company

After Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs passed away last October, many people reminisced about how this remarkable company was started in Steve’s garage, 35 years ago on April 1, 1976. Steve and his co-founder, Steve Wozniak incorporated Apple the next year and just 3 years later, Apple Computer went public. Like them, millions of American entrepreneurs share the same dream, to take their start-ups and go from “Kool-Aid” stand to household brand. 

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