June 2012

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Giving USA Report - A Brief Overview

The Annual Report on Philanthropy for Year 2011 by Giving USA was released on June 19th and is the recent hot topic in the philanthropic world. A slow growth in contributions is found, with $298.42 billion given in 2011. This is a 4% increase (0.9% adjusted for inflation) from 2010. Economic growth is an important indicator regarding philanthropy, and the rate of growth to even get back to where it was in 2007 is a concern expressed by experts. Individuals are being generous but cautious with their charitable gifts. 

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Advisor Corner

Do Your Business Succession Plans Include Charitable Giving Strategies?

The following article was created out of an interview that recently took place between Dan Rice and a writer for a magazine that is aimed at business owners in the automotive industry. Of course, we think readers may find the interview to be of practical benefit for any charitably-minded business owner, who is engaged in succession planning with their advisors.

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Donor Corner

The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

Kudos to The Wall Street Journal and reporter Saabira Chaudhuri for taking the time to make a conducive list of The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die (everything from your will and letter of instruction to a list of your safe deposit boxes). 

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Fundraiser Corner

Donor Stewardship: 5 Ideas to Incorporate

It is easier to keep donors than it is to generate new ones and the way relationships are maintained is directly going to affect future support of your organization.  A few ideas that would be beneficial to incorporate into your stewardship efforts (if you haven’t already) are included in this article.

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