September 2012

News by CTAC


Dan Rice, co-founder of CTAC, will be presenting at the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning on Friday, October 5th.  His informative, engaging, and sure-to-be humorous presentation is regarding"A Bold, New Approach to Working with Advisors – Focus on Their Needs!"

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Advisor Corner

You Can't Take it With You?  Says Who?

One sad day, Emma Jones passed away in the small town where she was born, raised and lived her entire life. She was 92.

The local newspaper, being obliged to print her obituary, was in a fix. The usual reporter, who was counted on to make up the most kind and respectful words, was on vacation. So, the editor gave the task to the sports reporter...

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Donor Corner

Around the Corner: Year-End Giving

It is about that time where individuals are beginning to think of their year-end gifts to the charities that mean most to them.  It is important to keep the different charitable options and their benefits in mind. 

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Fundraiser Corner

"Don't Use My Name" (Be Thankful You Have My Gift)

The best way to promote planned gifts is to make it personal for the prospect: cultivate donor identification, engage their emotions, and illustrative positive giving outcomes.

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Upcoming Conferences

IRS Discount Rates

National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, Oct. 3-5, New Orleans September: 1.0%
National Philanthropy Day, Nov. 2, Cleveland August: 1.0%
Minnesota Planned Giving Council, Nov. 7-8, St. Paul July: 1.2%

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