A Bold New Approach to Working With Advisors -- Focus on Their Needs

Dan Rice, co-founder of CTAC, will be presenting at the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning on Friday, October 5th. His informative, engaging, and sure-to-be humorous topic is "A Bold, New Approach to Working with Advisors – Focus on Their Needs!"

This practical session will feature real-life Case Studies that demonstrate how to successfully work with financial and legal advisors to plan gifts for clients/donors. By using an advisor-centric approach (what is in it for them) and developing offerings for advisors, you can help advisors be more effective in their practices and generate donor leads in the process. Come hear practical suggestions on how to become advisor literate, and how to identify ideal advisors with whom you should be looking to work. Emil Kallina, Kallina & Associates, will join Dan to analyze cases.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how to be truly advisor-centric, and how to create opportunities to work with these professionals and their clients.
  2. Learn how to add value for financial and legal advisors.
  3. Learn the benefits of taking this approach to working with advisors.

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