December 2012

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The Fiscal Cliff

With a possibility for a tax deduction limit being imposed for charitable giving, charities are concerned that future giving will decrease. Earlier this month, 250+ charity leaders spoke with Congress about the importance of protecting the charitable deduction.

As both donors and nonprofits, what is in your best interest?

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Advisor Corner

"Are You Planning to Pop the "Will You" Question in January?

Savvy advisors are already practicing the question they intend to pop to their clients. They can found looking in the mirror, intently into their own eyes, while bending down on one knee. They are asking the question in the shower. They are asking their dog. They are almost ready. What about you? Are you gearing up to pop the "Will You..." question after the New Year holiday?

Of course, we are referring to the question, "Will you... be planning to sell anything soon?"

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Donor Corner

Instilling Values in Our Children: Charitable Birthdays

Children's birthday parties are always a ball. It is a joy to see smiling, messy faces eating cake and ice cream after singing "Happy Birthday." Then there are the games such as bobbing for apples and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. What could be more engaging and fun to watch?

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Fundraiser Corner

The Donor Is Begging You "Tell Me Less!"

A great thing to say to a donor or prospect is, "Tell me more," right? Because we want to know everything about them. But I think donors and prospects want us to tell them less, at least when it comes to marketing planned giving.

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Upcoming Conferences

IRS Discount Rate

Association of Fundraising Professionals, April 7-9, San Diego December: 1.2%
Advisors in Philanthropy, April 24-26, Las Vegas November: 1.0%
Northern Ohio Planned Giving Council, May 2, Cleveland October: 1.2%


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