Engaging Donor Communications

Truly engaging donors with your donor-centered communications is one of the vital tasks in fundraising. Here are a few helpful tips to take into consideration for the future.

  1. Reach out to donors several times a year and show them the difference that they are making.  
  2. Put yourself in the mind-frame of the donor and send them information that is relevant to them. Some fluff is okay, too much is a waste of time and you will lose them.
  3. Communication is a two-way street. Allow donors to reach out to you by providing your contact information for questions and to provide feedback.
  4. Evaluate different mediums such as newsletters, postcards, letters, email, phone calls, social media, etc. A good mix will keep your communication fresh.
  5. Showcase your donors (with their permission, of course). Include donor stories and feedback in your communications to show that you appreciate them and are actively listening to them.  

Interested in more? A few fascinating donor communications books that I have on my desk include:

Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing by Michael Rosen

How to Writing Fundraising Materials That Raise More Money by Tom Ahern

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications by Jeff Brooks

Happy writing!


By: Kristen Schmidt, Marketing Coordinator of CTAC

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